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What was important to us 10 years ago may not be important to us now. What is going to be important to us in the future may be different from today. However, whichever season you are current in, the one thing we must continue to do is find a way to live outside of our comfort zone. Outside of our comfort zone is where most of our growth takes place.

We all have a safe zone that we have created for ourselves. Inside the boundaries of this safe zone we are in control of everything. Our family and friends live inside this place with us, our job that we know so well is part of our safe zone, our hobbies and things that we love to do are all part of this safe zone. The one thing we can’t do inside this area is grow. If we are trying to be better tomorrow than we are today you have to step outside of your comfort zone.

Some of us may find this very difficult to do because there are a lot of unknowns. You may run into some people that know a little more than you, you may run into some situations that you are not totally comfortable with and your confidence when you step outside of your comfort zone may not be as strong. Your will be challenged and stretched.

In order for us to continue to expand who we are and strive to reach the next level in your life you have to realize that outside of your comfort zone is where your growth and success lies.